WinCross Testimonials

WinCross has earned the respect and admiration of marketing research professionals around the world. Here’s what some of our more enthusiastic users have to say about WinCross:
I just downloaded the [new] upgrade this morning. How completely wonderful it was to see the new SPSS import process. It is absolutely spectacular!! This update is awesome!  Please let those who were working on it know how wonderful at least one of your users thinks it is!! Truly great minds developing some incredible software!  Steve Swanson, BOVITZ In only one word it is 'magnificent!' Very easy to learn, very easy to use. I strongly suggest you get it and start using it tomorrow if you really need a 'new age' tabulation software.  Ozan Oğuz, SIA-Insight All I can say is: Excellent program! It is user friendly, and really a complete software regarding cross-tabs used in Market Research. The Help section is truly a tool in order to solve doubts or questions.  Eduardo Gonzαlez P., ICC Consultores I feel that WinCross support is one of the best around. Creating tables is simple to do and, depending on the size of your data, is very quick. I would highly recommend using this program.  Julie Lam, Vision Critical I recommend WinCross for its capabilities through the GUI or syntax, and also for outstanding support – both by telephone and email.  Mike Pritchard, 5 Circles Research Product and support are great. I've been very satisfied with the program. It performs well and has a lot of options.  David Johnson, Discovery Research Group I have used WinCross for over 10 years to tabulate survey data successfully. You can use SPSS data as well as CRD files. Also, it is easy to create the Job file from SPSS to use in WinCross.  Shaheen Surve, Apollo Medical Center Pleasure to work in WinCross. Good support (email & phone), fast processing of tables and creation/computation of memory/user defined variables.  Chandra Bhushan Singh, Global Market Insite From my 8 years of experience with WinCross; user friendly software, easy to learn, well documented user guide, SPSS integration, response within 30 minutes max from support with detailed explanation, and many more...  Lawrence Joseph, Outsource Research Consulting
Just wanted to say a big THANK YOU for all the tireless support that you provided us in learning WinCross! I also wanted to mention personally how much I enjoy working with all of you and how much I appreciate your support and advice. I will always recommend WinCross as the most flexible and versatile tabulation tool--the one that helped me the most to develop myself as a technical DP and to enlarge my imagination horizon when dealing with data.  Anca Deiac, Toluna Larry Harrod is absolutely amazing.  He has helped us so much when we have had questions about Wincross!  He always gets back to us very quickly with answers to our questions and is very patient when we have to ask about something more than once. Our experience with Larry and your company has been the best our department has ever had with any vendor in my twenty years with Cox. All of the online tips, videos, and information about Wincross have been amazing, too.  Susan Swanson, Cox Media Group I have to tell you, I absolutely love working with WinCross.   I’m sitting outside on the patio at an English Pub, working away, and I just had the urge to let you know! :-)  Peter Csizmadia, X Tabulate I must say that I am very much enjoying the new WinCross, after using an antiquated version from many, many years ago.  Anyway, I LOVE THE NEW VERSION SO MUCH!  It has made working with the program to produce cross-tabs so much faster and more efficient, both on the programming side, and also on the usage side once the tables have been generated.  I really can’t say enough about it.    Steve Kalter, Acumen Marketing Research, Inc. Home Products Services Support Connect About