WinQuery 18 - What’s New

WinQuery®18 Phone/Tablet/Web Interviewing Software QueryWeb Email Alert Feature: For QueryWeb surveys, automatically send an alert email based to any desired survey trigger. Choose the combination of respondent answer(s) to decide what qualifies for an alert. Specify the email address or addresses who will receive the alert. The alert can include any survey data such as sample items, closed ended or open ended survey responses. This feature is useful for real-time monitoring of customer satisfaction and follow-up. QueryWeb Slider Scale Question Type: QueryWeb surveys now contain a new slider scale question type. Respondents move the slider button on the slider scale to indicate their rating. Answers are stored in numeric data format. Upgraded QueryWeb Designer Defaults: QueryWeb Designer now includes new contemporary and professional default settings. Upgrades include adjustments to font size/color, question/answer background color, question/answer width, new header image as well as new navigation buttons. These new settings will save time in designing a study for use on the web and still allows custom settings to be applied if desired. Review Open End Data Feature - Start Reviewing at a Specified Respondent: Feature allows you to input a respondent number where you would like to begin your open end data review. The review begins from that respondent number forward in the batch file. This feature provides the flexibility to start and stop reviewing at any time; which is especially useful for batch files containing large numbers of interviews. New Express Data Export Feature – Interview Language Indicator: For multiple language projects, Express Data Export now includes an indicator of the language in which the interview was completed in Conduct Interview. The actual interview language name is included in the Excel®, .SAV and/or delimited data file. For example, “Spanish” or “French” would be listed for the language the interview was completed in for a given respondent. New Express Data Export Setting – Study Specific Disposition Text: You can now choose to output study specific disposition text in the Excel, .SAV, and/or delimited data file output using Express Data Export. Study specific disposition text is in addition to the numeric disposition code value. For example, “Terminate for age” disposition text would be included. This new option is most useful when outputting all contacts data to summarize sample dispositions. Compatibility with SPSS version 25: Data output using WinQuery 18 is compatible with SPSS version 25. No matter the data output method, whether Express Data Export and/or Write Data As to SPSS, your .SAV data will be saved in the newest format.  For a more complete list of changes that includes screenshots and additional details, please see our WinQuery 18 What’s New Guide.
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