View|Data File Information


View|Data File Information displays information about the current data file. The Data File Information dialog reports summary information for the file; including the data type, whether the data was open as read only, the number of variables and records, the number of characters in the longest line, and information about who created the file and when the file was created or when the file was last modified.


If a variable data file is open, the following information about the data file is displayed:

Note: When a variable-type data file is opened in WinCross, if there are variables that exceed 12 characters in length, WinCross will use the leftmost 12 characters for programming and computational purposes. The Internal WinCross Location:Width information reflects this internal format and may be different from the actual variable width displayed on the Variables tab of the data grid. For purposes of WinCross programming (for example, using LOC+), the Internal WinCross Location:Width should be used for determining variable location and width.


Allows you to enter search criteria to locate a specific string in the Data File Information grid. This can be especially useful when there are many variables in your job file and you want to quickly locate a specific variable name or variable label.


Find Next

Allows you to find the next occurrence of the previously entered search criteria. This is especially useful when there are multiple variables in your job file with similar variable names.


Use the menu item File|Print|Print Data File Information to print the data file information or File|Save|Save Data File Information to save the data file information to a file.

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