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The INDEX Map tab displays INDEX statements from the Glossary in an easy-to-read grid that can be saved to an Excel file.


Index statements using the Repeat (R) feature are automatically expanded to show all of the variables included in that Repeat (R) and the width of each variable.


For example, Q1_A R10, would list Q1_A  <2> and the next 9 contiguous variables to Q1_A which in this case are Q1_B  <2>, Q1_C  <2>, Q1_D  <2>, etc., where <2> is the width of each variable.


Auto-Size Columns to Data

Resizes the columns to fit the widest data present for that column.


Swap Rows and Columns

Reverses the rows and columns for an alternative view of your index statements.


Display variable labels

Displays the variable label (when present) next to each variable listed in an index row.


Word wrap

Wraps long variable names and labels that extend past the column border.


Save As

Allows you to save the Index Statement Map to an Excel file.


The INDEX Statements tab displays the original INDEX statements from the Glossary.

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