QueryWeb Benefits and Features

Online Interviewing Made Simple Designed specifically for the online survey needs of market researchers, QueryWeb is the ideal hosted solution for completing convenience polls as well as complex online studies. QueryWeb includes all the tools needed for your research project in an easy-to- use interface. Studies are web-enabled within minutes using QueryWeb Designer!  QueryWeb provides secure online hosted study management allowing you to track quotas, run reports and control the progress of your study in real- time. Click here to see demo videos of QueryWeb. QueryWeb Designer First, create your study using WinQuery questionnaire programming software. Then, customize your study using the included QueryWeb Designer tool. You can easily modify the look and feel of your questionnaire, add pictures, videos, and links to your online study. Upload the study to our QueryWeb server*. That's it! Give it a try: Try out question types Take a short demo survey * Click for QueryWeb host pricing Online Study Management Using the secure online study management tools, you can upload your QueryWeb study, view quotas, run real-time reports, track progress and download your study data. Includes data analysis tools for running marginals, frequencies, numeric progressions and listing verbatim responses. Management tools for tracking respondent information and sample status are also included. Give it a try: Use management tools Survey Creator QueryWeb survey creator is a bundled software program also available for programming and managing online hosted QueryWeb studies. Specifically designed for companies who only complete web interviewing and do not need the telephone interviewing features available in WinQuery. Quick and Easy The QueryWeb Designer and WinQuery software combination is the most powerful, quickest and easiest-to-use   internet research software on the market. You don't even need to create your own WinQuery study; we can provide questionnaire programming for you.
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