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The Analytical Group, Inc. offers the market research community a range of high-powered, cost-effective products and services.

WinCross, the industry's leading crosstabulation software, provides the ability to highlight trends in data and determine statistical significance.
WinCross Executive brings the marketing research industry’s most advanced crosstabulation software online.
WinQuery and QueryWeb enable sophisticated surveys to be created for phone, face-to-face and web-based interviewing.

We also offer web interviewing, scanning, tabulation and statistical analysis services. With more than 50 years of industry experience and a full range of products and services to support market researchers, The Analytical Group, Inc. is the best choice for filling your market research needs.

TAG Leadership

Jack Pollack
President and Owner of The Analytical Group, Inc. 

Jack is an accomplished executive with a record of outstanding achievement with TAG since joining the company in 1973.

Jack’s considerable experience is grounded in programming, statistical analysis and data processing.

He is a graduate of Northwestern University, and has had research papers published in the Columbia Journalism Review and the Chicago Journalism Review.

Clare Pollack
Executive Vice President of The Analytical Group, Inc.

Clare oversees all operations of the company. During her tenure with the company, Clare has been responsible for developing the operational procedures and quality checks that ensure the high level of quality and precision TAG is known for today.

Clare spent sixteen years with Research International prior to joining The Analytical Group, Inc. in 1992.

Pat Rissi
Vice President of Data Processing

Pat is responsible for all aspects of data processing for the company. Pat joined The Analytical Group, Inc. in 1993. Prior to joining TAG, Pat was Data Processing Manager at Research International. Pat has a BS from Arizona State University.

John Hilmers
Assistant Data Processing Manager

John joined TAG in our Chicago office in 1980 and previously worked for Datatab. John's specialties include software design/support, complex data processing, custom programming, Excel reports and macros, client-ready reports, and statistical work.

Scott Smith
Senior Data Specialist

Scott began his career with The Analytical Group, Inc. in 1999. He received his BA in Marketing from Western Washington University. Scott is a data specialist in survey programming/tabulations and product manager for WinQuery. Scott was a Field Project Director with Research International prior to joining TAG.

Sheri Hilmers
Accounting Manager

Sheri is responsible for all accounting and HR functions. Sheri started at The Analytical Group, Inc. in 1983 as a data processing project director. She has a BS from Portland State University.

Larry Harrod
Software/IT Manager

Larry is responsible for maintaining and updating all of TAG's internal and external computer and server operations along with overseeing our software development team.  Larry has been with TAG since 2010. During Larry's tenure he has been a Field Supervisor, Data Project Director, and WinCross and WinCross Executive trainer.

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