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Sometimes you just don’t have enough people, enough time or the expert resources required to bid or take on a job. By using TAG as your support staff you can take on new clients, offer additional services and expertise, penetrate new markets and fulfill more of your current customers’ needs.

Competitive Pricing

Our pricing structure leaves you room to be competitive on the jobs you bid. No matter the size of your project, be assured that you’ll receive the same quality and technical proficiency we’ve been delivering to our customers for over 50 years.

Why Choose Us?

Here’s just a few of the tabulation services we offer:


Data Processing 

From crosstabs to conjoint analysis to custom programming, we provide services all the way through to presentation-quality reports. We use our own powerful WinCross crosstab software for most processing projects.


Data Preparation

From virtually any data source, we can reformat and recode, as well as match, merge, and sort files from the same or different studies. Our consistency checking includes document look-up and validation.


Data Conversion

We can convert data to and from virtually any format.

Our tabulation services also include:

  • Data reformatting, recoding, and weighting
  • Banner tables with extensive labeling, flexible basing and statistics
  • Significance testing of proportions and means with significant differences clearly highlighted
  • Mean summary tables, line tables, nets within nets, ranking and multiple basing
  • Graphics for presentation enhancement
  • Custom programming solutions, when necessary

Statistical Analysis

Expert Solutions

Theoretical Direction

At TAG, we’ve never met a challenge we didn’t like. In fact, we’ve never been presented with a problem too complex for our technical ability. We take pride in offering smart solutions to difficult problems. Every project has unique needs, and we make sure we have a fundamental understanding of your problem so that we can provide the best approach to match your specific needs.

Strategic Consulting

Our analysts and consultants have a broad range of experience in academic theory and practical applications. Among our academic consulting resources is the internationally known statistician, Professor Albert Madansky, Director of the Center for International Business Education and Research, University of Chicago Graduate School of Business (and a principal of The Analytical Group, Inc.). We have years of experience working with marketing and social researchers, as well as in the design and execution of the appropriate techniques.

Rigorous Techniques

When we work on your project, our staff becomes a part of your team, drawing from our wide experience and working with the best resources and most advanced techniques. Our attention to detail ensures that you get the most appropriate solution, quickly and cost-efficiently.

Multiple Formats

Let TAG help you with the presentation of your reports, through our quality, graphics-enhanced, written reports and in-person presentations. Results can be provided online or in any format you request. We can help you at any stage of your study. Even if you made the mistake of not coming to TAG soon enough and find yourself in a jam, we’ll provide you with the same quality control and technical expertise we’ve been offering other customers of TAG for over 50 years. 

Optical Scanning

Fast, Accurate, Economical, Automated Data Collection

Scanning is the most efficient data collection method for large paper studies.

It’s fast, accurate and economical. Our trained research professionals understand your research goals, monitor the electronic processes, and deliver the best data possible. We can handle all your paper surveys, process coded and non-coded responses and deliver verbatims in the format you specify.

Design Services

Although special forms aren’t necessary, you can obtain even better results when you take advantage of our survey design services.
We can improve an existing questionnaire, or work with you from the beginning to optimize the scannability of your present form.

Advanced Tools

Our ability to perform Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR), Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and Optical Mark Recognition (OMR) enables us to guarantee the highest quality results. Quick verbatim images, sorted in any sequence, give you fast and complete feedback in easy-to-read formats.

Quality Control

Quality control is what sets TAG apart. We don’t believe in unattended data processing. Instead, our experienced personnel monitor low-confidence input and intervene with intelligent decisions, maximizing usable data. While it’s certainly true that automation does things faster and more economically, it’s our knowledgeable and conscientious staff that sets us apart.

Web Surveys

We can design, program, host and analyze your internet study.

QueryWeb is the ideal solution for completing convenience polls as well as complex online studies. QueryWeb provides secure online study management allowing you to track quotas, run reports and control the progress of your study in real-time.

Our professional staff offers a full range of services from questionnaire setup through processing for all your data collection and reporting needs. TAG has conducted thousands of internet surveys for numerous clients. 

We can provide the following internet study services:

  • Email blasts
  • Programming of questionnaire including all types of questions and complexities
  • Inclusion of pictures and videos within the survey
  • Full security
  • Tracking and sending reminder emails
  • Quota management
  • Real time online reporting
  • Coding of open end responses
  • Data tabulation and analysis

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