Our Products

The Analytical Group, Inc. offers the market research community a range of high-powered, cost-effective products and services.

Our products include: WinCross tabulation software, WinCross Executive online tabulation and dashboard portal, WinQuery and QueryWeb phone/online survey software, and QuickTools, a free data analysis utility.


WinCross, the industry's leading crosstabulation software, provides the ability to highlight trends in data and determine statistical significance.

WinCross Executive®

WinCross Executive brings the marketing research industry’s most advanced crosstabulation software online.


WinQuery is powerful and easy-to-use software for all your interviewing needs. You can use WinQuery to conduct networked phone interviewing, in-person or tablet interviewing.


Designed specifically for the online survey needs of market researchers, QueryWeb is the ideal hosted solution for completing convenience polls as well as complex online studies.

WinCross Quick Tools Utility

The Analytical Group, Inc. is pleased to make available our Quick Tools program that performs a range of common statistical functions.

Think of it as a Swiss Army Knife filled with statistics functions.

This tool is available to you free of charge, with our compliments.

Quick Tools Features

The Quick Tools program includes a function that reports various statistics for a series of data values. The data values can be entered manually or pasted from the Windows clipboard. Sum, mean, standard deviation, standard error, median, mode, quartiles... sixteen different statistics are computed in all:

  • A frequency report that displays counts and percentages is also available.
  • Another section of Quick Tools provides seven different calculators for testing statistical significance, both for percentages (using a Z-test), and averages (using a T-test).
  • The Quick Tools program also includes a sample size calculator. It can find the sample size needed for a given population and margin of error, or it can compute the margin of error that results from a given sample size and population.
  • Finally, there's a simple 4-function calculator to help with any quick calculations you might need to make.
  • The Quick Tools program runs on all Windows PC's, and is available in a zip file by clicking here.

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