WinQuery 22 - What’s New

WinQuery 22 is filled with thoughtful new features to make your work proceed more quickly and easily.

Here’s a list of the major enhancements in WinQuery 22:

Updated  Hyperlink Feature in Conduct Interview Compatible with Windows 11:

  • The Hyperlink feature allows a clickable hyperlink within question text for quick access to a specified web page.
  • WinQuery 22 is now compatible with Windows 11® for this feature and uses the default web browser at each PC.
  • Conduct Interview remains at the same question and the interviewing session time continues.
  • Once the web portion is completed, the interviewer is returned to Conduct Interview to continue the survey in progress.

New Client Ready Questionnaire Report Settings:

  • The Questionnaire report contains new options to create a client ready report.
  • You can now choose to not show question numbers, branching and/or study logic when creating the report which makes a client friendly report containing question and answer text only.
  • Any combination of these items may be used creating a report meeting the needs of your client.

New Project Notes Feature:

  • Project Notes provide the ability to create project specific notes for future reference.
  • These notes are created and accessed through Reports|Questionnaire.
  • Include any item in the note such as sample preparation information or details about logic/programming set-up.
  • These Project Notes are carried forward when the study is saved as a new study.

New VoIP Softphone Custom Dispositions:

  • The softphone available with VoIP interviewing contains an expandable panel to directly disposition calls.
  • You now have the ability to add custom dispositions to the VoIP disposition panel.
  • This expands the dispositions beyond the included dialing results of no answer, busy, disconnect or fax/tone.

New Interviewer Controlled Audio Recording:

  • WinQuery provides the ability to audio record surveys during interviewing.
  • Now interviewers can be provided the option to control when to start and stop audio recording.
  • This is useful for ad hoc recording to document respondents and/or question series.
  • Previously audio recording was only engaged using recording commands pre-specified within the questionnaire.

Compatibility with SPSS Version 28:

  • Data output using WinQuery 22 is compatible with SPSS version 28.
  • No matter the data output method, whether Express Data Export and/or Write Data As to SPSS, your .SAV data will be saved in the newest format.

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