WinCross 19 - What’s New

WinCross 19 is filled with thoughtful new features to make your work proceed more quickly and easily. Here’s a list of the major enhancements in WinCross 19: New NPS Statistical Testing and row option: The NPS is defined as 100 times the difference between the fraction of “promoters” and the fraction of “detractors” in the sample. Promoters are defined as respondents answering 9-10, and detractors are defined as 0-6. Scale questions that are not an 11-point scale can easily be recoded to work with WinCross’s NPS statistical testing. The ability to calculate outliers based off a specific standard deviation: Using this new feature, you can easily create new, or overwrite existing variables with outliers removed. Easily insert new banner columns from existing WinCross tables: After a banner has been created, you can now insert new columns using already created tables. This allows you to use the row text for columns, which eliminates the need for extra editing work. The ability to insert banner columns from variables: Once you’ve created a banner, you can easily add columns using the value labels directly from your data file. This allows you to skip having to manually add and edit columns. Quickly create multiple banners from multiple tables: After you have created your table components you can now create multiple banners from these tables with just a few clicks. Each created table can be directly converted to a banner component. Many Other New Features, Including: Using the Express Table setup, you can now easily insert new tables without having to reorder or move around existing tables. Compatibility with the latest version of SPSS. Improved processing time throughout WinCross. For a more complete list of changes that includes screenshots and additional details, please see our WinCross 19 What’s New Guide.
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