WinQuery Pricing

Our WinQuery telephone interviewing software is priced as follows: 5 stations $10,000 Next 6–10 stations 1,500 each Next 11–15 stations 1,000 each Next 16+ stations 500 each Example: an 11-station WinQuery license is priced at $18,500. EXPERT Version $2,995 All WinQuery purchases include free upgrades for one (1) year from the original date of purchase. After the first year, the maintenance/ upgrade program is offered at $500 for up to 5 stations, $1000 for up 10 stations, $1500 for up to 15 stations, etc. For inquiries and orders, please email
Utility Linking Software Linking between WinQuery and both SPSS and WinCross formats is automatically included. Additional linking is available for other formats: Link WinQuery with: Merlin, Uncle, MicroTab, Quantum, The Survey System $495 each
Training WinQuery training is offered at $1350 per person for a three-day training class. Please click here for additional details.
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