Providing you with an affordable, competitive edge Sometimes you just don’t have enough people, enough time or the expert resources required to bid or take on a job. By using TAG as your support staff you can take on new clients, offer additional services and expertise, penetrate new markets and fulfill more of your current customers’ needs. Our pricing structure leaves you room to be competitive on the jobs you bid. No matter what size your project, be assured that you’ll receive the same quality and technical proficiency we’ve been delivering to our customers for over 40 years. Here’s just a few of the tabulation services we offer: Data processing — From crosstabs to conjoint analysis to custom programming, we provide services all the way through to presentation-quality reports. We use our own powerful WinCross crosstab software for most processing projects. Costs can be reduced dramatically when you, or your telephone interviewing center, utilize our WinQuery interviewing software. Data Entry — We provide fast, accurate service with 100% verification, for any type of source document. Data Preparation — From virtually any data source, we can reformat and recode, as well as match, merge, and sort files from the same or different studies. Our consistency checking includes document look-up and validation. Data Conversion and Output — We can convert data to and from virtually any format. Our tabulation services also include: Data reformatting, recoding, and weighting Banner tables with extensive labeling, flexible basing and statistics Significance testing of proportions and means with significant differences clearly highlighted Mean summary tables, line tables, nets within nets, ranking and multiple basing Graphics for presentation enhancement Custom programming solutions, when necessary
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