WinCross Technical Support

If you’re having trouble using WinCross there are several ways to get assistance. The first resource is the comprehensive WinCross Help system. WinCross Help covers all of the program’s commands and features in detail, and will usually contain the answer you’re seeking. Answers to the most common questions can be found on the WinCross FAQ’s page. You’ll find a series of videos that cover of the most common tasks in WinCross on the Tutorial Videos page. For some questions it might be appropriate to reach out to the WinCross user community for answers. The WinCross Programmers group on LinkedIn is one such resource. If you’re new to WinCross, or to tabulation programming, you might want to consider our two-day WinCross Training  class, in which you’ll receive extensive training on the use of WinCross. WinCross users who have purchased a maintenance program are eligible for free telephone and email support. Users who are not on a maintenance program can also obtain support by phone or by email, but these services will be billed at our current support rate.      
To contact WinCross Support by phone, please call 480-483-2700, x313. Email WinCross Support
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