WinCross Tutorial Videos

The following videos address some of the common operations performed in WinCross, and will help you to understand in greater detail how WinCross accomplishes these operations. Express Table Setup: Setup|Express Tables for Variable Data allows you to selectively create tables from your variable (non-ASCII) data file, or to edit existing tables. You can choose the variables you want to create tables for and have the option to create individual tables, one table with many rows or one table using net logic. Creating Banners in WinCross Setup|Banners lets you create new banners from scratch or using the Create Banner from Tables option. The Edit Banner feature provides a single dialog with straightforward menu and tabbed options for entering banner text, logic, options, weighting and statistical testing. Create and Export Charts to Excel, PowerPoint or Word Setup|Chart Content and Setup|Chart Style provide the chart content and preference options to easily create a chart from any banner and table combination. Run|Charts lets you export your charts to Excel, PowerPoint or Word.
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