WinCross Benefits and Features

WinCross is the marketing research industry’s most advanced crosstabulation software solution. With its easy-to-use interface and flexible reporting options, WinCross allows both experienced analysts and novice users to quickly extract and highlight statistical trends from survey data. WinCross performs lightning-fast data analysis and includes a comprehensive set of significance testing options. Extensive options are provided to control the look of your reports. WinCross has a rich feature set that’s designed to save you time and effort when creating tabulations, frequencies and reports. WinCross runs on all Windows-based PC’s. Click on any item in the list below to see additional details:
NEW - WinCross 18 has been released!   Click here to see a list of new features! WinCross has been tested and found to be fully compatible with Windows 10. When using the View Report in Browser command in WinCross, we recommend using Internet Explorer rather than the Edge browser.
Import data from SPSS and other formats

  • SPSS - compatible with all versions of SPSS
  • Excel - XLS or XLSX
  • CSV and TSV

Generate tables from SPSS data in seconds using our "ExpressTabs" rapid data analysis tool

  • Click to select one or more variables to define the banner columns
  • Click to select one or more variables to define the row variables
  • A crosstabulation appears in just seconds
  • Banner and row text is taken from the labelled SPSS data file
  • Option to create a table for each variable, or to append selected variables into a single table
  • Option to scan across variables to create a single table
  • A summary of variables table can be created for user-selected values

Define tables and banner templates quickly and easily from a labelled SPSS data file

  • Define tables by selecting one or more variables from the SPSS variable list
  • An instant frequency report is provided on-the-fly for the variable selected
  • Option to create a table for each variable, or to append selected variables into single table
  • Option to scan across variables to create a single table
  • Options to define either a summary of means or a summary of frequencies table
  • Define banner templates by adding selected variables from the SPSS variable list
  • Easily move variable left or right, or up and down, with instant visual feedback

A wide range of statistical testing options

  • T-Tests for means (independent (equal or unequal variances) or dependent paired/overlap)
  • Z-Test for percents (independent (pooled or unpooled proportions) or dependent paired/overlap)
  • Pre-defined confidence levels from 60% to 99%, or user-specified levels without limitation
  • Let WinCross select the statistical test based on your table structure
  • ANOVA (Least-significant difference, Student Newman Keuls, Kramer-Tukey B, Kramer-Tukey and Scheffe)
  • Chi-Square

Simple Weighting, Sample Balancing, Factor Analysis, Regression

  • Use Simple Weighting to calculate weights based on target percents for a single variable with an unlimited number of codes
  • Use Sample Balancing to calculate weights based on target percents for up to 10 variables, and up to 20 codes per variable (up to 50 million combinations)
  • Use Factor Analysis to determine factor scores and groups which can be used by WinCross in crosstabulations
  • Use Regression to find which of a set of independent variables "drives" the dependent variable

Create professional-looking reports that can be saved to all popular output formats

  • Extensive reporting options provide complete control over the report's appearance
  • Optional background tinting can be used to highlight various sections of the report
  • Output to ASCII, Enhanced Text, Microsoft® Word®/RTF, Microsoft Excel®, Microsoft PowerPoint® and Adobe® PDF formats
  • Define memorized reports to facilitate report runs that must be run repeatedly
  • Publish charts to Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint or Word
  • Run frequency reports

and much more!

  • Generate reports with an unlimited number of tables and respondents
  • Generate tables that contain up to 6000 rows 255 banner columns
  • Edit, clean and recode data
  • Small sample size suppression and denotation
  • Save job settings as client profiles for creating new jobs
  • Job file color coding of specific job file elements for easier identification
  • Multi-threaded processing for machines with multiple processors
  • Automatic online software updates

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