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Market Research Solutions

The Analytical Group offers the market research community a range of high-powered, cost-effective products and services. WinCross, the industry's leading crosstabulation software, provides the ability to highlight trends in data and determine statistical significance. WinQuery and QueryWeb enable sophisticated surveys to be created for phone, face-to-face and web-based interviewing. We also offer telephone interviewing, web interviewing, scanning, tabulation, data entry and statistical analysis services. With more than 50 years of industry experience and a full range of products and services to support market researchers, The Analytical Group is the best choice for filling your market research needs. COMPETITOR STATEMENT: Recently, MartketSight has posted inaccurate information comparing their products to ours. You will find that MarketSight is not less expensive than WinCross as they state. MarketSight is a never-ending subscription. WinCross is a one-time fee. We are often asked how our products compare to competitive products. Our philosophy is NOT to compare products. We do not believe it is fair to our competition to draw conclusions on their products functionality. In order to fairly compare products, it requires intimate knowledge of our competitors’ products and the latest version of their software. This is not only impossible, it is a terrible waste of our resources.
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